Vision Therapy and Baseball

May 3, 2016

How fast can you make a decision? Can you think as fast as a pitcher pitches? It takes less than .4 of a second for a ball to get from a pitcher to the mound. Vision Therapy can help a batter begin to recognize seams, spins, colors and therefore pitches, for a better chance to…

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What is Amblyopia?

March 31, 2016

Early detection of amblyopia can help reduce the risk of impaired vision.  Vision therapy can help patients develop some of the visual skills that they lack due to amblyopia.  So, what is amblyopia and what effects can it have? Click here to read more.

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Visual Perception and Handwriting Skills

February 16, 2016

There is so much more to good handwriting than just fine motor skills! It involves a combination of visual and motor skills, also known as eye-hand coordination.  Many of our patients report neater, properly spaced handwriting and faster writing speed after completing vision therapy! Read more here about the visual perceptual skills involved in handwriting.…

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Vision Therapy Helps

January 22, 2016

Vision Therapy Helps with Learning Disabilities, Sports Vision and Traumatic Brain Injuries From Teresa Ristow for Steamboat Today “Kilpatrick primarily works with children whose vision problems aren’t as simple as being near- or far-sighted. Some have learning disabilities or have recently had a concussion, while other patients have suffered traumatic brain injuries or want to…

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More Computer Time May be Causing Nearsightedness in U.S. Kids

January 20, 2016

Getting outdoors and using proper lighting when doing close work is so important!  Read here to learn more about the potential connection between too much near point work and nearsightedness.   Photo from Shutterstock/Maresol

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Is Your Child Having Trouble Learning or Behaving In School?

January 8, 2016

Concocting a Cure for Kids With Issues from NY Times Magazine “Appelbaum is a behavioral optometrist, part of a growing subspecialty of optometry that takes the traditional practice beyond its usual focus on eye health and eyesight. Through a practice referred to as vision therapy — a combination of in-office and at-home eye exercises —…

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Unmasked: Vision Training a New Tool for Goaltenders

December 21, 2015

It’s hard to imagine any NHL goalie getting ready to play or practice without a series of dynamic stretches and movements designed to warm up the key muscles required to stop pucks. For many goalies, though, the most important muscles are in their head. “Your biggest muscle as a goalie is your eyes,” Washington Capitals…

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Too Much Screen Time Damages the Brain

December 2, 2015

Research increasingly suggests that addiction to electronic devices is indeed a real phenomenon. These studies, published in Psychology Today, break down some possible effects on the brain after too much screen time.  Read here.

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Jonathan's Success – Vision Therapy for Adults Too!

November 23, 2015

What changes have you seen since beginning vision therapy? Headaches I’ve suffered since I was a child had decreased substantially in intensity and frequency. I go for days without headaches, and when I do have them, I can usually trace them back to intense periods of eye strain (PhD program… sigh). I no longer need…

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50 Ways to Encourage a Child

October 26, 2015

Do you find yourself saying, “good job” over and over? Add some variety with these phrases to praise and recognize your child’s specific efforts.  A little encouragement can go a long way!

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