Most people do not understand the symptoms of an underlying vision issue. Many of the symptoms can be written off as unrelated to vision, especially if the person has 20/20 vision. Many learning and behavioral problems can be the result of poor visual skills beyond just how clearly a person sees. The earlier the vision issues are detected, the better. Below are some helpful checklists and a quiz to help you decide if a trip to Vision Development Center is right for you! If you or someone you know displays some of these symptoms, give us a call to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam.

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  • Preschoolers Visual Development
    A detailed checklist for parents of Preschoolers children. What are the normal stages and ages for visual development? Is your child’s vision developing normally?
  • Vision and Learning Disabilities
    A short checklist for parents with information on LDs and vision from the American Optometric Association.
  • Learning-related Vision Problems
    A vision screening quiz for parents and teachers. This multiple choice quiz gives a numerical score with recommendations.