Double Vision Gone and Improved Reading!

binocular vision space testing

This test, known as binocular vision space testing, is a way to interpret how the patient’s visual system is organized. The left side represents the left eye and the right side represents the right eye. Ideally, each side should be equal and have all the pencil marks meeting at a point. There should be space between the two sides (similar to how these two shapes are facing one another: > < ). If each side is too far apart or too close together, it may indicate imbalance.

When this patient first began vision therapy, her eyes were not working together (top photo). She had double vision and was a slow reader, due to trouble converging her eyes and using them together.  After working hard in vision therapy, the re-testing (bottom photo) shows a much more organized visual system! This patient no longer has double vision and her reading has greatly improved!

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