Handwriting Before and After Vision Therapy

Efficient visual skills are important for guiding many everyday tasks, including writing!  Vision affects our ability to form letters properly, write on the line, apply proper spacing, and more.  Below is an example of the Wold Sentence Copy test (a visual motor test) completed by one of our patients.  The instructions are to copy the sentence.  The patient is timed to determine how long it takes them to copy the sentence.  This patient’s initial testing was on April 20, 2016, and re-testing was done November 30, 2016.  What a difference!

*Click on each image to enlarge*

Original Test:

-Skipped line

-Irregular sizing and spacing

-Misspelled word

-Difficulty writing on line

-Time: 2 minutes 38 seconds

original test


-Wrote on the line

-Neat writing and proper spacing

-Completed whole sentence

-Time: 2 minutes, 30 seconds


vision retest

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