Video – Push Up Task

By Vision Development Center | May 1, 2019

One of our activities this day was called a “push up”, where the patient was working on one eye at a time using a patch. The instructions involved moving a small chart closer and further from his eye while reading the letters to improve his focusing abilities. He decided he wanted to do actual push…

Handwriting Before and After Vision Therapy

By Vision Development Center | April 2, 2019

The instructions for this test are to copy the sentence. The first time this patient copied, he skipped several words, spacing was poor, and writing was mostly illegible. Upon retesting at the end of vision therapy, this patient’s handwriting and spacing had improved, and he did not skip any words. His parents and teachers have…

Double Vision Gone and Improved Reading!

By Vision Development Center | February 8, 2019

This test, known as binocular vision space testing, is a way to interpret how the patient’s visual system is organized. The left side represents the left eye and the right side represents the right eye. Ideally, each side should be equal and have all the pencil marks meeting at a point. There should be space between…

Questions to Ask Your Child's Optometrist

By Vision Development Center | May 22, 2018

If your child is struggling in school (or even if they aren’t), this post is a great tool to understand what to ask your optometrist before your child’s eye exam.  It is important to check for more than just eye health and refractive status (prescription), as there are many other visual factors that can contribute…

Robotics Team Bringing Awareness to Hidden Vision Problems

By Vision Development Center | March 28, 2018

Although vision therapy doesn’t have an age limit, it can be of much more benefit if visual issues are diagnosed and treated sooner than later, to avoid increased struggles in school and beyond. The VisionHelp blog recently shared an article and video about the CW Tech Robotarians robotics team. The team testified in support of…

Why Can't My Child Copy from the Board?

By Vision Development Center | February 7, 2018

One of the most common symptoms we hear in our office is the struggle for patients to copy information quickly and accurately from the board at school. Whether it be for an assignment, or filling out their planners at the end of the day, many students have difficulty.  Parents often find the result to be…

Bilateral Integration: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

By Vision Development Center | February 5, 2018

This article highlights the importance of bilateral integration and gives practical examples of why children need to integrate both sides of their bodies (including their eyes!) In vision therapy, we address laterality and directionality, which can benefit the ability of the eyes to work together and have a positive impact on reading, writing, coordination, and…

Being "Bored" Is a Good Thing!

By Vision Development Center | January 30, 2018

photo from Each generation has something to say about “kids these days.” With the explosion of technology in the past several years, the parents of this generation face unique challenges.  Electronic gadgets and new technology have amazing capabilities and a place in many aspects of life. However, this article , by an occupational therapist,…

Improved Spatial Awareness and Handwriting

By Vision Development Center | January 16, 2018

Visual spatial awareness and eye hand coordination are key to staying on the line and maintaining proper sizing and spacing between words when writing.  This patient’s handwriting improved greatly during vision therapy! 2489_0001 Click on image to enlarge  

Is the Answer to Dyslexia in Our Eyes?

By Vision Development Center | October 31, 2017

Click here to read an interesting study that may have found a link between dyslexia and the patterns of cells in the eyes.

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