Quick Sideline Concussion Test for Athletes

By Vision Development Center | March 30, 2015

The Huffington Post has an interesting article about the King-Devick test, a test used to determine if a person has suffered a concussion. This test is easy to administer and can be done on the sidelines during a game, greatly reducing the possibility of sending someone with a concussion back into the game. This 2-Minute…

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

By Vision Development Center | March 17, 2015

Vision therapy is not limited to treating only children or  those who have developmental vision problems.  We have seen many patients, both children and adults, with various traumatic brain injuries who have benefited from vision therapy.  Click here to read about Maryann, a woman who experienced life-changing results through vision therapy after her brain injury.

"Vision Problems in Children with Sensory Processing Disorder" by Dr. Lynn Hellerstein

By Vision Development Center | December 12, 2014

This article by Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, featured in Sensory Focus Magazine/Fall 2014, thoroughly explores how visual problems may affect individuals with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).

Curing learning-related vision problems – TEDx

By Vision Development Center | December 12, 2014

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Optometrist, Dr. Vicky Vandervort explains what it is like for a person to have eyes that work but do so inefficiently causing the person to exert extreme effort to see. When this occurs, people, especially children, do not realize the…

Learn From Other Parents About Vision Therapy!

By Vision Development Center | August 29, 2014

Have you done your homework to learn about Vision Therapy, but want to hear from real people who have been through the process? Maybe you’re just beginning the search for solutions for you or your child and aren’t sure if Vision Therapy is an option .  Wherever you are on your quest for answers, there are great resources available! If you…

COVD's Vision and Learning Month

By Vision Development Center | August 6, 2014

August is COVD’s Vision and Learning Month: Spread the Word About Vision Therapy! As the summer comes to an end, you are probably starting your back to school “to do” list already. We believe that an exam from a developmental optometrist should be at the top of that list! In addition to examining eye health,…

Could Vision Be Affecting Your Child's Sports Performance?

By Vision Development Center | June 23, 2014

With summer sports in full swing, you want to be sure that your child is performing to his or her fullest potential!  If something is holding your child back, it could be vision.  An eye exam from Dr. Pelton or Dr. Poma will check for all the visual skills mentioned in the video below.  As Fellows of the…

Sue Barry, Author of "Fixing My Gaze"

By Vision Development Center | April 7, 2014

Susan R. Barry, Professor of Biological Sciences at Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts talks about “Fixing My Gaze.” “For most of my life, the last place I wanted to be was an eye doctor’s office. I had been cross-eyed since infancy, and despite three surgeries, remained cross-eyed and stereoblind. Scientific dogma indicated that my…

Don’t Shut the Window on Neuroplasticity

By Vision Development Center | April 1, 2014

This painting was created by a child who gained sight after extended blindness. The left panel simulates poor spatial resolution and impoverished contrast perception immediately after cataract surgery. The middle panel depicts the substantial improvements in perceptual quality at six months post-op. The right panel shows restored vision. Here is an interesting article that demonstrates…

How Vision Therapy Can Help Your Struggling Child

By Vision Development Center | March 12, 2014

Is your child having difficulties in school? Watch this video about Anna, who, like 1 in 4 people, suffered from an undetected vision problem that affected her ability to read, write and process Shavers which freelance you pharmacy express reviews hair pulls m This it not lose regular fragrance body much i At.…

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