Poor Grades Explained by Vision Problems

Girl writing and learning in school

College of Optometrists in Vision Development offers hope to parents of struggling readers
THU, JUN 05, 2014

Getting to the root of a child’s reading struggles can be difficult. Parents typically see multiple experts often starting with the basics, which includes an eye exam. It makes it tough for parents when they suspect that their child has a vision problem yet the experts say nothing is wrong.

After their optometrist told them there was nothing wrong with their eyes, Jeremy, Jill and Taben’s families all found vision therapy.

After vision therapy they had this to say:

Jeremy’s mom says: “Vision Therapy changed my son’s life. There are no more tears! Jeremy is able to work faster on homework with better concentration. I no longer hear him say, ‘I CAN’T DO IT!’”

Jill’s mom says: “Reading is much easier for her. Morgan’s grades have improved and her confidence has greatly improved.”

Taben’s father says: “Reading gained 4 grade equivalents, Math gained 3 grade equivalents, and Writing gained 3 grade equivalents.”

Read further about Jeremy, Jill and Taben’s successes with vision therapy in the full article here.

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