Post-Concussion Patient Enjoys Reading Again

What changes have you seen since beginning vision therapy?

“Our daughter, Rebecca, slipped on the ice and suffered a concussion, causing significant visual and perceptual problems. Following the concussion, she complained of daily headaches as well as seeing double, causing great difficulty reading as she saw shadows behind letters and would lose her place frequently and needed to re-read each line. She really loved to read prior to the concussion and went from enjoying reading a book for 1-2 hours a day to completely avoiding reading due to all her difficulties. Following 6 months of vision therapy, we are happy to report that Rebecca no longer complains of headaches and blurry/double vision. She can read with ease and is back to enjoying it! I see that she has gained an awareness of how/when to focus vs. relax her eyes at the appropriate time. During our 6 months in vision therapy, I was able to see progress each week, usually even daily progress as we did her home program.”

Would you recommend this service to others?

“Absolutely! We are very thankful for Dr. Pelton recommending vision therapy. We feel very fortunate to have had Mallory as her vision therapist. She did an excellent job explaining exercises and keeping it fun for Rebecca. Vision therapy has helped Rebecca with school work and allowing her to enjoy reading again!”

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