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Not Convinced?

By Vision Development Center | July 12, 2016

Many people wonder if vision therapy really works.  Nothing speaks louder than real results from real people.  In addition to the testimonials on this page from our own patients, click here to take a look at success stories from vision therapy doctors around the country!

Another Success!

By Vision Development Center | July 11, 2016

Before Maeve started vision therapy, she struggled with reading, lacked confidence in sports, and frequently felt sick and anxious.  She worked very hard throughout our program and saw great results.  After vision therapy, Maeve reported that she is now able to read smoothly without fatigue or words moving, she no longer has daily headaches and stomachaches,…

Vision Therapy Project From a Patient!

By Vision Development Center | June 14, 2016

One of our former vision therapy patients did a wonderful presentation at her school about how vision therapy made a big difference in her life! Reading by Alivia from BXBmedia on Vimeo.

Jonathan's Success – Vision Therapy for Adults Too!

By Vision Development Center | November 23, 2015

What changes have you seen since beginning vision therapy? Headaches I’ve suffered since I was a child had decreased substantially in intensity and frequency. I go for days without headaches, and when I do have them, I can usually trace them back to intense periods of eye strain (PhD program… sigh). I no longer need…

Congratulations Elliot

By Vision Development Center | October 9, 2015

Elliot graduated from our vision therapy program! Elliot worked very hard and graduated from vision therapy! He is now reading at grade level, can copy from the board at school much faster than before, and has more overall confidence. Congratulations, Elliot! Playing his favorite game on the last day of therapy.

The Long Road Has Paid Off

By Vision Development Center | October 8, 2015

Since Allison started VT 32 weeks ago, she no longer struggles with reading a straight line, has improved her spatial awareness and has become more confident in her schoolwork. It has definitely been a long road with lots of work for her as well as for parents to keep practicing activities each day. It has…

My Life is Better Because I Can See!

By Vision Development Center | August 25, 2015

I have less headaches, blurry vision and my eyes are not splitting! I can follow a page without losing my place when reading. I enjoy reading for fun instead of it being something I needed to do. I am also less tired. My life is better because I can see!

No Surgery Needed

By Vision Development Center | June 17, 2015

I was diagnosed with a lazy eye. I was scheduled for surgery last July by my ophthalmologist. Then, my mom ran into Dr. Poma and she advised that we come in for a second opinion. When I went in to see Dr. Poma she told me not only do I have a lazy eye, but…

I Now Like Writing and Reading

By Vision Development Center | May 18, 2015

Before Vision Therapy I… – Could not get my b’s and d’s right – Had ugly hand writing – Didn’t put my p’s and y’s under the lines And now I can do all those things great! I now like writing and reading.

He Even Asked to Join a Baseball Team!

By Vision Development Center | February 23, 2015

We have seen a lot of improvements at school since our 8 year old son has begun vision therapy. His reading speed and comprehension have improved. He has a much easier time following along on the page and on the board. He has a much better sense of personal space. He is not longer afraid…

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