They Truly Changed the Outcome of My Daughter’s Life!

Vision Therapy is absolutely the reason why my daughter has transformed into the confident, accomplished kid she is. 1 year and 4 months after finishing Vision Therapy she is in the top reading group in her class, excelling in science and able to do a multitude of activities including gymnastics; all of these things she could not do before. It is as if she arrived at Dr Pelton’s office at the maturity of 5 years old and left therapy at her biological age of 8.5 yrs just in 1.6 years.

There were times where she couldn’t make it through the day at school. It seemed as though she had selective “ADD” or maybe defiance disorder. Something kept nagging at me that something else was going on.

Sadly, it took us a year of waiting to see if she would mature on her own, another year of investigating and eventually a few visits to a psychologist. Not one person ever brought up that she could possibly have a vision issue. Unsatisfied with no answers, I turned over every rock and eventually had her take a test regarding primitive reflexes and brain processing. The results showed that sections relating to vision were scoring very low. Her symptoms were mostly present during school and homework times. She didn’t want to concentrate, complained of being exhausted, and she was angry. Just writing this makes me cringe. There is nothing more upsetting than not knowing how to help your child, especially when you know in your gut the suggested possible diagnoses just don’t add up.

My daughter’s positive journey started when Dr. Pelton told us she could barely see and needed glasses. I was surprised because I had already gone to another eye doctor who told us she was slightly near-sighted but didn’t need glasses. Dr. Pelton prescribed bifocal glasses and we immediately noticed a difference once she was used to them. Then, after a couple month of Vision Therapy, the changes she was making emotionally, physically and academically were incredible. Each month it seemed as though she could do something she couldn’t do before. I am happy to report her diagnoses of binocularity and amblyopia now barely affect her.

I thank God everyday that I was persistent in finding the root cause of why she was struggling before I decided on treating my daughter or giving her a standard psychological evaluation (which would have been completely wrong, because her vision would have interfered with the entire test and results).

I know the expense of vision therapy put a lot of strain on our family, however, I had to find a way and it was well worth it. I couldn’t let my little girl’s self esteem dwindle any further and let her keep thinking she wasn’t “as smart as the other kids.” Could you imagine the trouble we would have had to cope with in the middle school years? I am so grateful to Dr. Pelton and to Ms. Cindy, our amazing therapist. They truly changed the outcome of my daughter’s life!

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