Vision Therapy Has Had Such A Profound Impact On My Daughter's Life

Read about Maeve’s experience with vision therapy and the impact it had on her and her family.

What changes have you seen since the beginning of vision therapy?

“We often say that Vision Therapy is as close to a miracle as I ever want to be. The changes in Maeve’s life are nothing short of spectacular. She has voluntarily joined several sports activities, is reading for entertainment, has relief from constant headaches and nausea. She is significantly less anxious, more confident and more outgoing.”

Would you recommend this service to others?

“Yes. The issues with Maeve’s eyes were not recognized by reading professionals or during yearly eye exams. There is not a ton of public awareness of these challenges and the repercussions on behavior or physical issues. I can see how easily a child could get the wrong diagnosis or label. Even specialists and education professionals are surprised when I tell them our story. I tell as many people as I can, to raise awareness of an issue that can be resolved with hard work and dedication.

I am always ready to share our story, as Vision Therapy has had such a profound impact on my daughter’s life, and on our whole family. School, homework, social interactions and health issues have all dramatically changed. We are so fortunate to have Vision Development Center in our community, and I can’t say enough about their amazing staff. Everyone from the front desk staff to the vision therapist (Hi Mallory! We love you!) was so kind and welcoming.”

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