Learn From Other Parents About Vision Therapy!

Have you done your homework to learn about Vision Therapy, but want to hear from real people who have been through the process? Maybe you’re just beginning the search for solutions for you or your child and aren’t sure if Vision Therapy is an option .  Wherever you are on your quest for answers, there are great resources available!

If you have a Facebook® account and would like to know more about Vision Therapy from the perspective of parents, we encourage you to join the group “Vision Therapy Parents Unite”*.

This is a closed group, so you must send a request to join.  You can access the page at:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/VTparentsunite

You can also check out many more informative websites, articles, and books in this section of our website.

*The group is not managed by Birmingham Vision Care, Vision Development Center, or any of their employees.

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