35 Seconds of Fame

July 29, 2015

By now, most of us have probably watched this heart warming video of a baby seeing her parent’s faces clearly for the first time! The doctor who prescribed those now-famous pink glasses has much to say about the importance of early eye exams!  Click here to read vision therapist Robert Nurisio’s interview with Dr. Josiah Young.

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Vision Therapy Blog

July 22, 2015

Here is a great vision therapy blog started by Michael Lievens, a young adult who went through vision therapy and wants to share its benefits with parents and patients alike.

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How Creeping and Crawling Influence Academics

July 8, 2015

Retained primitive reflexes can have an impact on vision and many other areas of performance. Our office tests for these reflexes and, if necessary, provides remedial exercises to help integrate them. This article from the Irish Times highlights how primitive reflexes can affect development and performance.

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The Learning Tree

July 8, 2015

A great visual to see how truly connected and important all body systems are for success!

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No Surgery Needed

June 17, 2015

I was diagnosed with a lazy eye. I was scheduled for surgery last July by my ophthalmologist. Then, my mom ran into Dr. Poma and she advised that we come in for a second opinion. When I went in to see Dr. Poma she told me not only do I have a lazy eye, but…

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100 TV-Free Activities for Kids

June 9, 2015

Summer vacation is just a few days away… Check out these fun ideas that will help keep the words “I’m bored” at bay!

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Is it really A.D.H.D.?

June 2, 2015

This article (click here to read) recognizes that many symptoms of undiagnosed visual problems could be mistaken for A.D.D./A.D.H.D.. In addition to vision, symptoms could be related to auditory processing, food allergies, or other underlying issues. It is important to rule out problems in these areas first!

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Early Detection

May 20, 2015

If you see pupils like this in a photo, please urge that person to get an eye exam! You may save a life! The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends that children have their first eye exam between 6-12 months of age, even if their eyes appear to be “normal”. Our office participates in the InfantSee…

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I Now Like Writing and Reading

May 18, 2015

Before Vision Therapy I… – Could not get my b’s and d’s right – Had ugly hand writing – Didn’t put my p’s and y’s under the lines And now I can do all those things great! I now like writing and reading.

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Vision Therapy Questions and Answers

April 29, 2015

Do you have questions about Vision Therapy? Have you been told conflicting information by different doctors? You are not alone! Click here to read an interview with developmental optometrist Dr. Leonard J. Press that answers some of the most common questions about Vision Therapy from patients and parents. http://www.visiontherapy.org/vision-therapy/faqs/vision-therapy-FAQs.html#Q:1

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