Success Stories

Reading Level Improved and His Frustration Decreased

By Vision Development Center | December 3, 2014

Calvin has made significant gains after having vision therapy. Cal was a struggling reader from kindergarten until third grade. We had the best “reading teachers,” tutored all summer and throughout the school year – but still Cal was frustrated. He made the same mistakes over and over – crying many times. A teacher recommended a…

I can do everything 100% better

By Vision Development Center | May 30, 2014

When I first started vision therapy I had a hard time reading, writing, focusing on work and playing sports. Mrs. Mallory helped me focus better, read and write better and played some fun games with me. Now that I graduated from vision therapy I can do everything 100% better. School is easy now and I…

Words Don’t Disappear

By Vision Development Center | April 23, 2014

The changes I have been seeing since the beginning of vision therapy is that when I read, the words don’t disappear, split into 2, or jumble up.  Also I can get an object back into one if it splits into 2 very fast.  Each time at my reavals [re-evaluations], I move up many steps.  Thanks…

Improved Reading Comprehension

By Vision Development Center | April 23, 2014

My headaches have gone away. Every day I came home from school my head hurt so bad. Now when I come home from school my head does not hurt. At school when I look at my book then look at the board the board does not get blurry. My comprehension has got a lot better as a…

Improved Reading Skills

By Vision Development Center | March 21, 2014

Since the beginning of therapy, Ally’s ability to follow the sentences she is reading without skipping words or lines has significantly improved. She has much more stamina for homework and can complete it without much help following along. Her fluency and accuracy in reading have greatly improved as well. We would definitely recommend this service.…

Better Test Scores and Loving My Glasses!

By Vision Development Center | October 28, 2013

10/19/13 Dr. Poma, I got a 100% on my spelling test and 94% on my math test. I love my new glasses see you in a month.

"I Loooooooved Eyeball School!"

By Vision Development Center | September 12, 2013

In addition to improvements in reading, Anna’s social skills and confidence levels increased greatly. Anna also seemed much more eager to attend school. Cindy was a wonderful teacher and was patient and supportive the whole way! I looooooooooooooove eyeball school! From Anna

Aurora’s Story

By Vision Development Center | September 12, 2013

Aurora has become more confident academically, trust herself more. Reading is smoother, comprehension stronger, writing has become more fluid. She would say her eyes are less tired, do not hurt as much. Her vision used to blur and she would see double, especially at school, that no longer is happening. The best part is that…

The Ophthalmologist Dismissed My Daughter As "Having Received All The Service Available"

By Vision Development Center | August 13, 2013

Lauren began vision therapy when she was entering 2nd grade. At that point, she had been dismissed by an ophthalmologist as having received all the service available! Dr. Pelton recognized that she could benefit from vision therapy. At school, Lauren was on a list to be tested for learning disabilities. After therapy she was taken…

Reading Pains to Pleasure

By Vision Development Center | August 13, 2013

Prior to vision therapy with Sue, Troyana complained of frequent headaches and struggled with her reading assignments. I took Troyana to a local optometrist who found no problems. Troyana was recommended to your office by her psychologist who was counseling her for ADD. With Dr. Pelton’s help, we realized that although Troy’s eyes were fine…

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